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How you know you're a Cheer addict

So my mum and I have spent a combined $141 plus an extra $4.23 on bank FOREX fees to order an official t-shirt each from the Navarro College Book Store. Most of that is the cost of shipping the shirts to the other side of the world! Gotta love the tyranny of distance 😂
Shout out to Jim at the Navarro Bookstore for his amazing and fast customer service via email before we purchased.

Tho looking at the tracking it looks like Fedex miswrote one of the 2 words in our suburb, so will have to call them when their office here opens in the morning
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[Itinerary] 2 week Japan trip to Tokyo (4 day), Osaka (3 day), Kyoto (3 day) and back to Tokyo (3 day)

Hi all
Me and my wife are all set for a long awaited trip to Japan. Below is the itinerary we have in mind, will be mighty grateful for any inputs you can give.
What I’m particularly looking for - can you think of and flag which of the below activities would be difficult because of Christmas/New Year season?

We’re travelling with:
  1. 7 day JR pass
  2. Pocket wifi
  3. No Suica - relying on Forex prepaid Card
  4. 4 day Tokyo rail pass for all travel in Tokyo (part 1)
  5. 2 day Osaka rail pass for all travel in Osaka
  6. 2 day Kyoto rail pass for all travel in Kyoto
  7. 3 day Tokyo rail pass for all travel in Tokyo (part 2)
  8. 1 powerbank

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11 hour overnight layover in Taipei... tips?

Hey all, I have an 11 hour overnight layover in Taipei in October landing 10pm and flying out at 9am. I was wondering if you think the following itinerary is doable/preferrable and if you have other suggestions on how to make the most of this trip.
10pm>10:30pm - land, go through immigration
10:30>11:00pm - store luggage, find taxi
11:00>11:30pm - taxi to Tonghua Night Market
11:30>1:30am - eat/drink at Tonghua Night Market
1:30>2:30am - walk around/drink in Daan, walk towards Eslite Bookstore
2:30>4:00am - hang out at Eslite.
4:30>5:45am - go to Yonghue Doujiang Da Wang, eat breakfast.
5:45>6:45am - taxi to airport
6:45>7:30am - get luggage, go to security
7:30>8:00am - through security
8:00>8:30am - ready to board.
Notes: - I'm a US citizen of Filipino descent. I speak English and Tagalog only.
1) Any comments/criticisms about my plans?
2) I'm looking for a bar to go to after the night market. Suggestions? I'm thinking of Monomono and Tickle My Fantasy, but I'm looking for more of a beer bar than a cocktail bar (don't wanna get too wasted or spend too much)
3) How much should I expect to pay for the taxi ride to/from the airport?
4) For the taxi back, will it be hard to get a cab at 5:45 in the morning?
5) From the airport, do I just tell the taxi "Tonghua Night Market" and on the ride back, do I just say "Taoyuan Airport?"
6) How much cash should I expect to exchange? I'm planning on eating and drinking only, along with taking the taxis.
7) Is there an ATM or Forex at the airport?
8) Will it be safe to be roaming around at night if I stay on the main streets mostly? I will be using my offline GPS to find my way around.
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IntlCoin – a stable cryptocurrency for humans, not speculators

Hello World! I am Alex Kundin, CEO of the non-profit organization IntlCoin Inc. I want to hear your opinions on our project, IntlCoin ( – a stable cryptocurrency with its own infrastructure.
It’s no secret that at the moment, most cryptocurrency users are speculators. But we believe that cryptocurrency has a potential that’s incomparable to the Forex. People can use cryptocurrencies for purchases, transfers and savings. What prevents them from doing this now?
  1. Unstable rates. No one will buy a burger with Bitcoin because the value of the currency may double tomorrow. You won’t invest all your savings into Ethereum because the crypto-bubble could burst at any moment, and you could lose everything.
  2. Bad infrastructure. Ok, so let’s say you really want to buy a cheeseburger with X cryptocurrency. How can you do this? Of course, your favorite snack bar does not accept X cryptocurrency. If it’s particularly trailblazing, maybe it accepts Bitcoins, but if X cryptocurrency is not Bitcoin, you’re almost certainly out of luck. And, ok, maybe X cryptocurrency is Bitcoin – then what? There is no Bitcoin credit card or PayPass terminal. There are thousands of not-always-compatible wallets and it can take ages to confirm a given transaction. The faster the seller wants to serve the buyer, the higher the risks. Therefore, he is forced to wait for minutes, or even hours...
  3. Input and output problems. Ok, so you found a pioneering snack bar and your X cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. How do you buy Bitcoins? Let’s say you have a $5 bill in your hands. In order to convert that into Bitcoin, you’ll have to transfer that $5 to a bank account, then to some e-wallet, then to the exchange which (might) convert your money into Bitcoin. You face hours-long waits for each of these steps. And those awful commission charges! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could connect your smartphone with an ATM and instantly have the cryptocurrency in your wallet? Now, imagine something went wrong. The snack bar ran out of cheeseburgers and now all you want is to get rid of your Bitcoins and get your $5 back. Believe me, the food chain of middlemen will be even worse. For a system that prides itself on rising above the middleman, don’t you find this a bit contradictory?
There are more problems, but these, I think, are the major ones. And our project is aimed at solving each of them. You can read our Whitepaper for details, and here’s a summary:
  1. IntlCoin is linked to an index of a large number of stable currencies. The majority of these currencies are fiat, but we’ve included some particularly stable cryptocurrencies as well. It’s impossible to mine or forge our cryptocurrency from nothing: every token is backed by units of the index, and purchased with fiat money. The US dollar and the euro account for the largest portions of the index. By virtue of the proportions and diversity of constituent currencies, out index is extremely stable; it could fail only in the event of a global economic collapse (although even in this case, the index would remain propped up by cryptocurrencies). This link to the index and full backing with fiat money are key features of the project. The price of one IntlCoin will vary little with time. It’s a bit like Tether, which is linked to the US dollar, except our cryptocurrency is more reliable. We also surpass Tether in technical and infrastructural aspects; we learned from their mistakes. A negligible amount of our costs will go toward company capitalization. This is necessary in order to get a good start on our ICO, and to foster subtle but consistent growth of the currency over time, comparable to the way savings accounts gain interest as time passes. This also solves the inflation problem, enabling users to keep their savings in IntlCoins.
  2. We will create simple and effective tools that can be utilized by end-users and merchants alike, as well as by other financial sector players. We are developing apps that will make it possible for a buyer to simply touch his or her phone against the merchant’s phone to make a purchase. Our goal is to create something akin to Apple Pay for the cryptocurrency world. But our apps are not only for money transfers. We will develop smart contracts so users can sell digital content securely and automatically, without any middlemen. And real goods can be linked to digital tokens too, with physical marks, for example. Combined, all of these factors will streamline the purchasing process and slash transaction costs. Furthermore, thanks to our Graphene technology, each purchase will take milliseconds.
  3. We will work with local financial structures in order to simplify fiat money input and output to the extent possible. It is our goal to make it possible for IntlCoin users to seamlessly utilize ATMs and banks. No need to convert the local currency to the US dollar, then to Bitcoin or Ethereum, then to IntlCoin. Users can just make purchases with their preferred currency on our site to buy INTLCOINs directly. Also, it will be simple to withdraw IntlCoins in fiat money. Of course, we have a ton of work to do to make this real, but we have a team of seasoned financial specialists who have no doubt we can accomplish this.
Now, I will provide you with a few real world examples of how IntlCoin could change the game: In the series of examples below, the subject is Bob, a guy who doesn’t know much about blockchain technology and who lives in country X – a country that struggles with currency volatility and has taken measures to limit the flow of international currencies within its borders.
While our key features are related to our financial and infrastructural solutions, our technological underpinnings are also worth highlighting. We don’t plan to launch our own blockchain: instead we are designing a cryptocurrency with smart contracts via the Graphene-based blockchain EOS. Why Graphene and not the more popular Bitcoin or Ethereum? Graphene uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus, which provides fantastic performance: tens and hundreds of thousands, even millions of transactions per seconds, according to tests. No alternatives can rival this performance, and it’s a key feature for mass currency. Also, Ethereum smart contracts are over-low-level, and it can be difficult to create and understand big projects, whereas EOS smart contracts are high level with “batteries included”, and ascertainable to non-specialists, which is crucial when it comes to fostering user confidence. EOS is incredibly promising, and we hope to become one of the first major projects using it, and also to become one of its delegates.
In our name IntlCoin, Intl stands not only for International, but also for Intellect. And I hope by now it’s clear to you why this name felt right. I will be glad to read all your comments, answer any questions and dispel any doubts! Each of your voices is invaluable for us. And I want to thank everyone who has read up to this point.
IntlCoin is currently offering a pre-ICO campaign, and at the moment, anyone can buy our future tokens with a huge discount. We are grateful to each of our investors. We believe this project will have a monumental future, and with this article I hope I have also instilled this faith in you.
You can view the pre-ICO campaign and participate here:
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A conversation with my old man on this "drug money"- how many others have had such conversations with their family/friends and in what ways am I mistaken or missing good points/opportunities?

From: GravityChanges
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 8:27 PM
To: GravityChanges Dad
Subject: jeeze
I placed an order for 3 BTC the first days of October after getting everything verified for that service... the total was just over three hundred... Sure wishing that transaction went through now! I wish I had made some better decisions when I first got serious about bitcoin last February, but that desire is worthless now.
From: GravityChanges Dad
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 8:43 PM
To: GravityChanges
Subject: RE: jeeze
Maybe not so bad to remain skeptical. There’s an old saying that’s been historically proven in my life… if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
Example: latest terrible computer virus is one named Ransom. The virus gets into the computer or business servers and just sits there, compresses all the files, and then one day tells you you have a certain amount of time to pay for the key to unencrypt or everything will be destroyed. They only take bitcoin for payment… because it is untraceable.
Example 2: Do you really think that the central banks, and countries, are going to allow this to become used to circumvent paying taxes and wherever and whoever is actually the recipient of all this bitcoin mania receive the profits. Not going to happen.
While maybe some short term profit could be possible, long term this is going to have some amazing intrigue and story one day on the news.
GravityChanges Dad
From: GravityChanges
Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2013 10:34 AM
To: GravityChanges Dad
Subject: RE: jeeze
United States dollar almost doubles in value in a single day AUTHOR Jakub Szypulka
DATE December 7, 2013
The United States dollar, a real-life currency created by a group of revolutionaries after overthrowing the local authorities in North America, has almost doubled in value over the last 24 hours.
Dollars per Bitcoin, with rise visible on the right side. source The currency, that has recently gained widespread adoption, with even sovereign nations choosing to use it, soared to a value that had not been seen since the end of November. Amidst noticeable turbulence on the world’s biggest forex markets in Japan, Slovenia and Shanghai, the United States dollar reached the price it last had on November 25th, 2013. The buck, as some enthusiasts colloquially refer to it, remains highly controversial. Opponents cite fundamental flaws, allowing the money to be created in essentially unlimited amounts. The currency is often used for criminal activities, and is completely anonymous. This is not the first time the currency has seen a fast rise in value. On April 10th this year, it rose over 60% in a single day. However, the fast rises are dangerously deceiving: after each such gain, the currency slowly devalued each time, in what can be described a slow-motion crash. Experts are advising against any kind of long-term investment in the United States dollar, as the currency has been losing value for 227 years in a row.
From: GravityChanges
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2013 5:50 PM
To: GravityChanges Dad
Subject: RE: jeeze
Good reads here naysayer:
From: GravityChanges Dad
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2013 7:19 PM
To: GravityChanges
Subject: RE: jeeze
Bitcoin is a foray for idle-minds and adventurous souls; of which I am neither. Be careful. If the US Government could take your Gold (1930’s) … move us off the gold reserve (1960’s) … and much much more… they can certainly outlaw the use of Bitcoins as a currency. If threatening the US Dollar what do you think the U.S. will do? I think I know the answer to that question.
GravityChanges Dad
From: GravityChanges
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2013 5:50 PM
To: GravityChanges Dad
Subject: RE: jeeze
I certainly agree that the government could (in theory) try to do what you described. In practice it is an international STORE of value and not a currency (just as you wouldn't buy bread with gold). It is more and more being accepted as currency though. Now if the U.S. government tried to destroy its value by similar exertion of power, it could in no way 'take' it away other than limit its use as local currency. It would remain an international store of value. What I believe is more than 50% likely is instead in the future (but too late to really benefit as they won't beat the Asians and some of Europe) the government will support legislation to help grow industries that nurture cryptocurrency. Will that currency be bitcoin? Probably, but there is a shred of possibility it will be a copycat that forks very slightly. Now if they don't do this (and this is ALREADY going on) they will greatly lead the U.S. economy to suffer.
E-commerce traffic and use (internet commercial transactions that replace 'going to a store') grew 50% from 2011 to 2012 and continue those trends (like WOW trends). The Czech republic has 1/4 of its TOTAL revenue from e-commerce. Ecommerce in China bought 37 billion from other countries and took in 376 billion (while growing at HIGH rates each year). From Russia to Brazil e-commerce is reshaping the way EVERYthing is bought and sold (which is a pretty important part of the economy, no?). The U.S. government eventually (previously) delegated and legislated unique regulations for the FTC to carry out in e-commerce to support this trend because if they didn't it would cripple the U.S. economy at a point in the near future. As a result of e-commerce many 'industries' like the travel agencies and bookstores have been completely obliterated in previous form. What you will see in the near future is a VERY similar chain of events with crypto-currency (which is NOT anonymous, but merely digital and semi-anonymous while separate from current central banks) replacing "the internet" in said equation-parallel. I believe that if the U.S. rule-makers have half a brain they will encourage, support, and legislate this sector in the near future (if they have a quarter of a brain it will be a little later, but still be) before it cripples our economy by turning e-commerce and international commerce (as well as a lucrative store of wealth) into the hands of other countries so far that there is no way of regaining a hold. If I am right then in your lifetime, just as bookstores and travel agencies have tried and failed to adapt in their previous embodiment, there will be MANY (yet not most) aspects of central banks that will cease to function or be used by customers and businesses. Simply put, e-commerce and the internet has unarguably been the most drastic change in the world since your birth. It has seeped not only into every aspect of commerce and the economy, but it will continue to gather market power. I do most of my shopping online (what generation and beyond do you think will be controlling the economy soon?). As this happens more and more businesses and industries will desire not to pay 3% or more to credit card companies and paypal. In combination to that, more and more individuals will desire to keep their "shopping" AND investment money in a currency/form that doesn't suffer from GOVERNMENT INDUCED inflation via printing money. Bitcoin has an absolute limit on the number that will ever be in existence. In order for my prophesy to not come into fruition you need MANY things to fail for bitcoin (not one country's government being ignorant).
I got interested in bitcoin early, but never wanted to invest because it always seemed like "too much money" when looking into the past prices as it was about $40 when I first wanted to get in and cents a few months previous. I very much believe that what we are STILL standing on though is the beginning of a revolutionary change as dramatic as the time between the creation of the internet and today. When I was young the internet was a thing that universities and geeks only knew of. When I was a kid the fictional Wargames and Weird Science movies and culture changes portrayed the internet as magic that no one normal could use and no one understood anything about. Then it became something with horribly designed geo-cities by the eccentric (almost a forerunner to blogs)... then came AOL and it brought ease of use, capitalism, and more casual applications like simple searches, an organized UI (user interface), chat rooms.. the internet picked up exponential steam! Soon AOL wasn't powerful enough to contain it and it EXPLODED into what it is today. It's use blew past recreation and it is the pillar of many industries and a boon to those it isn't. We are seeing the same path in terms of evolution and utilization with bitcoin (though it 'could' be said in future hindsight if bitcoin fails that the progression benefitted crypto-currency in general over bitcoin.. it WILL lead to either bitcoin or pseudo-bitcoin's prevalence and bitcoin IS the best bet). I first became interested in bitcoin during its geo-cities phase. I said the same things you are saying. Now I recognize that it is in that AOL phase I described. It is becoming more wide-spread and accessible with better user interfaces and casual applications, it is blowing up exponentially and our capitalist economy is grabbing hold (yet competing with international economies and markets of every kind). This will be a BIG change to the current view of stores of wealth. This will likely be a revolution in international and e-commerce. It is experiencing that exponential growth that the internet had at the tail end of AOL's reign and soon it will be too large and widespread for such simple and worthless ways to manipulate and utilize what bitcoin is just as people signed off AOL for the last time and really stepped into the internet (except for mom).
That is all,
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Going mostly off-grid but I still need digital power and access. USA/Southern California, $ 1,000 or less and prolly 17 inches

Any questions, ask away and a HUGE thanks!
LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE * Country of purchase: United States – Southern California – Los Angeles
* Budget range: Up to $ 1,000.00 USD
* Purpose (netbook, ultraportable, mainstream, gaming, desktop replacement, etc.): Off-the-grid for a year – Used for Digital Art, Forex (Live, Online Currency Trading), Live, Streaming Telecommunications (Phone, Email and Texting)
* Screen size preference: Minimum 17 inches
* OS preference (Windows/ Mac/ Linux): Windows
* Gaming requirements (example games and desired fps/settings): Kerbal Space Program – 36 FPS
* Performance requirements (video, CAD, etc.): See above – I don't really know what fits together
* Method of computer support (office supplier, college bookstore, self support): Self-support
* Brand preferences and reasons (already owned accessories, familiarity, business compatibility): Previously owned Dell, Toshiba and IBUYPower
* Any particular style that you like (examples are great): I don't know if all this can be found in a tablet (like a Wacom) or a Notebook (Surface?) I'm not even sure what Notepad or Notebook computers are.
* Which of the following qualities would you prefer? (Choose one, the other, or balanced) I'd like a Wacom so I can DRAW and PAINT with it, but I don't know if those can do text editing, browser function or streaming (like Skype) and email. I also need ruggedness, long battery life – I don't care about noise or weight, I care about durability, stable function and workmanship.
* Long battery life -vs- Low weight: * Build quality -vs- Low price: * Low noise/heat -vs- High performance: Would you pay a premium for something that has: * High resolution screen: * A great keyboard: * A great touchpad/mouse buttons: * Great audio: List any features that are critical: (e.g. Optical drive, USB 3.0, SD card slot, ethernet port, HDMI port, bluetooth, VGA port, removable battery, glossy screen, matte screen, etc.)
I will be using this at campsites. I don't know distance limitations for wireless but being able to connect to the internet away from metropolitan areas is important. I need to recharge from solar array sources, I need resistance to dust and moisture and vibration.
I will use this computer to paint, to write professionally, to open and close online, realtime FOREX Currency Transactions and to stay in contact with friends and loved ones.
I hope my requirements are clearly stated. If not, please don't hesitate to ask as many questions you need.
My gratitude for the kindness you display by reading this far and even just the wish to help would overwhelm Darth Vader's petty “disturbance” at my lack of faith.
Thank you and I wish you all the very best.
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The BEST Forex Books For Success  Highly Recommend - YouTube The BEST Forex trading books you SHOULD be reading ... Forex Books: Forex Books - Any Good Ones? (Podcast Episode 31) - YouTube Ichimoku Kinko hyo trading PDF book  Best Forex books ... TOP 5 MOST RECOMMENDED FOREX BOOKS 📚 EARN WHILE YOU LEARN ... BEST Forex Books to Increase Your Trading Profits - YouTube

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The BEST Forex Books For Success Highly Recommend - YouTube

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